Your New Friends At SurveyGizmo


We’ve been busy adding new friends at SurveyGizmo so we wanted to take a moment to introduce you. We searched far and wide for them and we are so pleased to add them to our family. So without further ado, here are the new gizmos!


From Left to Right: Kevin, Dana, Brook, Jasmine, Vlad, Joshua, Liz, Jony

Liz Millikin is joining our marketing team as a content writer where she’ll help ensure all our written communication is snappy, informative, and entertaining. Liz writes fast, skis faster, and runs and bikes slowly. She caught a fish once. It was exciting, but not as exciting as joining the SurveyGizmo team.

Vlad joins our Marketing team to help with SEO and other backend wizardry. Search Engine Marketing is #1 passion! Analytics and data are dear friends. Vlad likes steak, Radiohead and all things outdoor. Everyday is a day to learn and experience something new is his approach on everyday life!

Brook joins the team as an Office Manager. She’ll insure the survey ship runs smoothly and is stocked with the coffee and snacks that fuel the gizmos. Brook is a mediocre rock climber, aspiring improvisational salsa dancer and fizzy water addict.  She loves cultivating smiles and getting things done, and is working on her advanced Keeping it Real certification.

Kevin, Dana, Jasmine, Jony, and Joshua join the service team where they’ll make sure all questions are answered as quickly as possible.

Kevin is pretty sure he is destined to be a superhero, but his powers haven’t manifested yet. In the meantime, he’s devoted to fighting for life, liberty and the pursuit of good surveys. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, surfing and saving the world from megalomaniacs.

Dana is known for crochet, pharmacy, and surviving natural disasters.  Her hobbies are astronomy, drawing, video gaming, and making chemotherapy hats for cancer patients.  Dana has a BA in Japanese and lived there for two years.  Thus, she’s really good at teamwork and is eager to get to the bottom of issues!  Sometimes you just have to use moonspeak.

Jasmine enjoys creating things, and a lot of her time is spent with food (cooking it, talking about it, eating it, you name it!) and fiber crafts (knitting, sewing, quilting). She loves puzzles and is excited to help you solve yours.

Jony is great at video games and solving puzzles !  This combined with being a Dragonball Z enthusiast is the perfect formula to saving the Earth.  When not saving the world you can find him traveling the world eating exotic food and learning foreign languages.

With a driving thirst for knowledge, Joshua is the king of DIY. That is why when he is not actively helping customers succeed in their projects you can find him digging into books and new projects expanding his repertoire of quasi-expertise. Among these are skateboarding, woodworking cooking, prayer and penetration testing.

We’re so glad to have them all and can’t wait to see all the awesome things the bring to the team!

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