[Solved] Your email reputation is the pits and our clients do not receive gizmo email responders because of spam filters.


Your email reputation is the pits and our clients do not receive gizmo email responders because of spam filters. Is there a way to have emails sent from our account to be sent through our mail server where we have protected our reputation and can depend on our emails not being flagged as spam by AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo.

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    Hi BHG! Your frustration with email deliverability is definitely understandable, and I would be happy to help answer your question.

    Sending auto-responders from your own email server

    If you are dealing with a Send Email action (“auto-responder”), it is possible to have messages sent from your own SMTP server! This can be set up from the “Advanced” tab, while editing your Send Email action:

    One important compatibility note is that this setting to send from a custom SMTP server does not currently support SSL or TLS.

    Email Campaigns

    While SurveyGizmo’s Email Campaign feature does not allow for sending messages via your own SMTP server, it is possible to utilize our built-in respondent tracking while still sending the emails by your own system!

    Basically, you upload your contact list to SurveyGizmo, at which time our software generates all of the unique links for your contacts. This list is then exported, and distributed however you like (easiest if your mail service/program has a “mail merge” feature, for inserting each contact’s unique link). This will allow you to use Contact custom data fields, automatically identify responses, and see who has started or completed their survey, just like in a normal Email Campaign :)

    For more details on setting this up, check out this great tutorial from our knowledge base:


    I hope this helps! And please also know that the SurveyGizmo team definitely takes deliverability seriously, and we are constantly working to improve the reputation of our server IPs.

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      @bjen90005979 : The ability to use your own SMTP server is on the short-term horizon but we don’t have a timeline as of yet. You can get updates about improvements here:


      The SurveyGizmo Team

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        SurveyGizmo is still blocked on Trend Micro, I am having a problem now with my email actions being blocked!  They seem to be dishonest about it as they never mentioned this in the sales process and the original help desk ticket didn’t mention it either until I followed up again. They still haven’t answered my questions about if they knew this before I purchased my membership…clearly they did because we purchased only two months ago!

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          • Hello Max,

            We are very sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced with email deliverability. We can see how this would appear to be very dishonest of us. By no means is this a sales tactic of ours. Temporary blacklistings of IP addresses used to send emails en mass are a reality of email services. We have been set on this blacklist before and followed a standard process to prove our honest email reputation and were removed. We have been added to it once more and are working to be removed again.

            The reason for being on the list once more has to do with the fact that independent email blacklisting services base their findings on any emails sent from an address that are reported by their users. As far as SurveyGizmo’s email reputation is concerned, it is a collective reputation of all users utilizing our email service to send their campaigns. Should a campaign(s) be reported to a service in a manner or quantity that meets a blacklist’s standards, it blocks the entire address.

            Regardless, making sure messages can be delivered using SurveyGizmo is our responsibility and we continuously monitor it so we can ensure it for our users.

            A member of our Support team will be reaching out to you to continue the open discussion you already have with us.

            The SurveyGizmo Team


          Hi Support,


          The message above is from 2015. Any idea when TLS / SSL will be supported for custom SMTP?



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