[Solved] XLS large files exported gets corrupted


When exporting individual responses and make the XLS files with them, the file gets corrupted. CSV are still readable.

What is going on?

Fundao Lemann asked

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    Hi Fundao, thanks for posting to Community! This is something I’ve encountered a couple times, and the reason seems to change each time depending on the situation.

    If you receive any error messages from Excel when opening the file, those can be quite helpful to figuring out what the problem is. This error message may refer to an error file that Excel has saved somewhere on your computer, so some sleuthing may be required to get to the actual details of the error.

    If no helpful error messages are available, you might try removing all extra columns from your export that you do not need. This would be done by going in to your export in SurveyGizmo, and clicking the “Customize Report” button – you may then uncheck the checkbox next to any fields that you do not need in your export. As an example of how this may help, in one instance I can recall the Session ID field having caused some trouble.

    If all else fails, please also feel free to reach out to our Support team about this kind of trouble! You may do so using Live Chat or email :)


    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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