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I have 2 SG accounts registered in my name. One was when I was a singular user and paid from my own pocket. Now I’m on my company’s Enterprise account. When I log into SurveyGizmo, I know I can ‘switch accounts’ — but I really want my company Enterprise account to be my ‘default’ account over what is now my bare bones singular account.

Is this something I need the help of a SG wizard to do? Or is it a settings I have control to do in my super-user admin side of the Enterprise account?


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bbigby asked

    Hey Britton- I’d recommend either changing the email for your bare bones account or using a little workaround. I have two as well and I’ve added a +1 to the end of one of my emails so like lizzy+1@gmail.com and just made a note of it on my end for when I need to login to that account. This way it will always show only the one account. I hope that helps. :)

    Lizzy Tekkel answered


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