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Hi wondering if anyone could comment on the following. 

I’m aiming to build a workflow using SG that will cascade tasks to assignee’s.  1 particular step would notify 2 task assignee’s at the same time to conduct 2 different actions.  Would there be any issue with each of them accessing the survey record at the same time to enter their respective inputs?  ie. would the record be locked or can they concurrently enter their inputs and save with no issue?  Haven’t tried yet, just thought I’d pose the question before i begin to build it.

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    • Hi Brett!

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      As a best practice, we would not encourage a scenario where multiple respondents are editing the same survey record at the same time. Having said that, as long as the respondents are not accessing the same survey pages/questions at the same time, and there is otherwise no overlap between the sections that they are editing, the data should be captured.

      We would definitely recommend thorough testing on this type of survey to make sure that there aren’t any unexpected consequences.

      Additionally, I wanted to highlight a feature that might make this process a little smoother in general:

      I hope this helps!

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    Hi Brett.


    Thanks for posting to the Community Forum.  It looks like that none of your fellow SurveyGizmo users have the relevant experience to answer this question, so I have flagged it for the attention of SurveyGizmo Support.  If you want to contact them yourself, you can review your options at

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