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Hi- I’m wanting to use the API to dynamically create, launch and retrieve surveys from our database (Azure). I’m not a coder and don’t want to be one! We may have to get into some javascript to help us create the surveys we want. Anybody there willing to take this on as a project? We will probably end up using SSIS and Server Agent on a VM to pull this all together. (Unless you know a better way.) 

Ty Wilson asked

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    Another resource for you – you can check out a site like www.upwork.com. You can hire coders there for projects like this. Good luck!

    Elizabeth Rose answered

      Hey There –

      So, we won’t really be able to build anything for you, unfortunately. Any kind of custom work through custom scripting or unique API calls will need to be built and managed on your end. I can certainly point you in the direction of the appropriate documentation though.

      Home Page for our API Documentation

      Home Page for our Custom Scripting Documentation

      I hope that’s helpful to some degree. Thanks.

      Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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