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I want to create a survey I can send to 680 employees but the questionnaires will differ and be mostly individual. After the employee has completed the questionnaire I would like for them to click on submit, and their responses are then sent to their line manager who validates their responses and create their own response. I would like to have an average created for the 2 responses and then all the data is sent to the database where I can review and analyse it.


Is this possible on your surveys?





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    I make these kinds of surveys for my company.  They’re exit surveys for employee’s leaving so they do get different questions and then it gets sent to their specific manager for them to review.  I use three things for them that sound like its what you need too:
    1. Logic
    2. Send Email action
    3. Integrations
    So the first one lets you make the workflow for what questions are seen specifically for the respondent at the time.  It’s called Logic and there are a couple kinds you can use:
    The Send Email one is so you can send the response to the manager or who you need it to send to.  Like this:
    The last thing is where you want to send the data to your database.  If its your own data base, SG has a thing called HTTP Connect that lets you send it.  They also have these integrations they have made with specific web database programs like Salesforce and ExactTarget.  We use Salesforce and its super easy to send everything over like a snap.  Maybe they have the database you use here:

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