[Solved] Will importing translated text with html be a problem?


I exported survey text for translation and noticed in some fields there is HTML code such as <br/> and <span style=”line-height:22.4px;”>  Should this code be maintained in the translation? Or will it cause a problem upon import?

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    The HTML code probably originated when the questions were copied and pasted into SurveyGizmo from an MS Word document.  If you eliminate the HTML code from the translated version the text will look different from the original English version.  It is difficult to judge how different without being able to see the code and the original text. I would also be concerned about the placement of the <br/> – a line break may not be needed or appropriate in the translated version.

    We have learned to avoid these problems by using the PASTE FROM WORD function in the HTML editor. This deletes the formatting code from Word and just adds the text to SurveyGizmo.  We can then use custom CSS to control the formatting of the text.

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