[Solved] Will I see the email address of who responded to my survey?


I’d like to send an e gift card to all respondents, but don’t want to offer that if I have no way of knowing who to send them to or what their email address is.

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    Hi Stacey!

    The only way we will be able to know what their email address is, is if you:

    1. Ask for their email in the survey OR
    2. Use an Email campaign to send out your survey. You would need their email address before hand, which may not be the case here.

    In these cases, I always suggest to ask what their email is so you can later review your data and determine whether or not you want to send them an e-gift card:)


    Hope this helps!


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    seanalee flaherty answered

      To clarify, if I used an external (outside survey gizmo) email campaign would that allow me to see who responded to the survey?



      Lola Gill commented
        • SurveyGizmo has tools that will allow you to set this up but it will not capture the email address automatically.

          Typically, if you are using an external system of some sort, you will need to “pass in” any information that you want to capture in the survey (including email).

          The most common way to do this is to use url variables:


          Email providers have functionality for merging in fields into the body of the email so you could likely ‘merge’ each respondents email as a url variable at the end of the link that you are distributing.

          Hope this gives you some ideas!



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