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I’m in EST, and every time I go to chat with you guys, I get confused by the default hours posted and end up doing too much math in my head for so early in the morning.

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

It’s 9:30am right now on EST, which means it would be 2:30pm in GMT, meaning the chat would be available. But you guys are in Colorado, right!?

Nick Wicks asked

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    Thank you all for your feedback on this! We really appreciate it!

    We have updated the chat hours to reflect the correct time (in Mountain Standard Time). Live Chat is available from 8 AM – 5 PM (MST).

    David – Survey Explorer

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

      It stills says 11pm on the website. You might want to consider different shifts if you have customers in different time zones, like me. I need help just trying to access help. Just where is this illusive “online support” button?

      I used Survey Gizmo last year and the best thing was phone support. This year, we pay more and get less support. If you are doing online support,more available hours and actual times support is available would be more than helpful.


      Andrea Eckhardt answered
        • Hi Andrea,

          Thank you for your feedback!
          I have spoken with our Documentation Team and we have updated the following article with the appropriate hours:

          Live chat support is available from 3pm – 12am GMT (8am – 5pm MST locally)

          As you have mentioned, we have shifted away from phone support in favor of a more scaled support solution in the form of live chat. We find that most support inquiries can be addressed via chat and are available to reach out by phone should the situation warrant a phone conversation.

          I have included a link to our documentation with regard to how you can access the chat feature:


          Please let us know if we can assist further!


          David – SurveyExplorer

        • I just read the article re: support hours and saw that it’s only Mon-Fri??? First, why is this not posted on the automated chat response which says chat agents are currently unavailable and open 8am-5pm????? Second, what are your customers supposed to do when they need support on weekends as I do? All of our survey projects for clients involve conducting surveys in person and on weekends, so we can capture their full customer base. When our survey isn’t working properly, it stops our entire project – and because we are always conducting surveys offline, we often have issues – which is another concern.


        puzzled to about it. Do you know if they have a phone number? I used to be able to call the tech but now I can’t find the number anywhere.

        Alice Kinyu answered
          • Hi Alice,

            SurveyGizmo has shifted resources away from phone support. While phone support is not available, live support is still available via the Chat Function.

            David – Survey Explorer


          I agree, when I saw the GMT at first it threw me off.

          Jacob Hayslett answered

            Very confusing! Another page says 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. GMT (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST)

            Amanda Pelliccione answered


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