[Solved] Why is SurveyGizmo truncating my question answers, and why aren’t my edits to question answers saving?


The question answers that I entered have been truncated but the truncation does not appear to be consistent. Furthermore, when I try to change the answers by shortening them (or in fact making any other kind of edit), the edits are not saving. The answers that are not showing/saving properly are in a custom table.

James Elliott asked

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    As a follow up, we have noted the current parameters of the row headers on Custom Tables here:


    For your specific question James, Custom Table row headers do have a limit of 255 characters for their titles.

    Topper Shull answered

      Hey James –

      Sorry for the issues you seem to be experiencing. How many characters are you using within your question? While I’m not aware of a firm character limit, it could be worth looking into shortening the text.

      Beyond that, I would try clearing the cookies/cache of your browser or attempting the same action in an alternative browser.

      I can tell you that I’m not aware of a systemic issue with custom tables that would explain this behavior.

      Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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