[Solved] Why does the X box and text paragraph appears infront of the Hey logo?


The text is not supposed to be there, it seems to appear this way for IE 7 browsers only. The sequence should be HEY logo, then the purple text then the paragraph of text about Other Prizes.


any way to work around?



chihuachin asked

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    Hi there,


    Thanks so much for posting to the SurveyGizmo community! My name is Ryan and I am on the support team here at SurveyGizmo!


    I think this post should be handled in a support ticket with us! I have reached out to the email associated with your account so we can discuss possible workarounds for this issue! If you don’t receive this email from me, feel free to reach out to support@sgizmo.com!


    I look forward to working out this issue with you!


    Thank you very much,


    Ryan Voigt
    Survey Switters
    “I rather like the smell of absurdity in the morning.”

    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered


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