[Solved] Why does the Merge Code in my link break?


I am using a merge code to add an answer to the end of a link I have in my email action.  The link is clickable, but it doesn’t bring the answer along from the merge code.  When I edit the email action and look at the HTML, it shows these in the merge code:


Does anybody know how I can fix this so it will work?

Matthew Albie asked

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    Hey Matthew! This is a great question – merge codes and HTML don’t play well by nature, because of a “nesting quotes” problem. We’ve got a great tutorial you can read on the matter here:


    To put it simply, you want to use ‘single quotes’ on the outside of your merge code, and “double quotes” on the inside, like so:

    <a href='[survey("edit link")]'>Link Text</a>

    And the most important note of all: this can only be saved once. Each time the HTML editor panel is saved, it “HTML encodes” certain things – if you save these nested quotes more than once, they will get “double encoded” and break. So, save this change until the very end, and then once you’ve got the link working, don’t edit and save it again! (Or you’ll just have to re-do it) I hope this helps you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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