[Solved] Why do I get a “you don’t have access to this project” error when pasting link to responses then logging in?


It is a bug in the system because I do have access to the project, I can just navigate to the responses if I get this error, but this is a pain for the user, I want them to be able to paste the link, log in if necessary, then be taken straight to the page the link points to.

Murray254538 asked

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    Hi Murray, thanks for using Community 🙂 I tested the situation you’ve described, and saw the same bad behavior! I’m very sorry for this error and any inconvenience it causes. I will be sending this to our Support Engineering team right away for a code fix to be created, and in the mean time, I would suggest linking to any other “tab” in that survey (Build, Test, etc) — in my tests, I found only the Results tab to be affected in this way. I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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