[Solved] Why did Other (write in required) allow my respondents not to put a response in the write in text box?


did I do something wrong in the set up?  I have many blanks on this type of question/response.

Lorraine Byrnes asked

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    Users are a crafty bunch of individuals.  It is easy to circumvent this field – a hit on the space bar is enough to satisfy the the write-in requirement.

    For future projects you might want to consider creating a conditional followup question instead of using the OTHER -WRITE-IN option.  If the respondent selects the OTHER option, a conditional ESSAY/LONG ANSWER question appears that asks for details.  You can define a minimum number of words or characters in this type of question, so it is harder to blow off.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      I figured that might be the issue, thank you for the tip, I will use this going forward.

      Lorraine Byrnes answered


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