Why can’t I “Save Page” once I edit the logic for my page?


I’ve edited the title and description of a page but cannot save the changes. 

jtagle answered

    Another idea would be to clear your cache and cookies. That helps me with weird issues sometimes.

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      I’ve tried, logging out and in, clearing cache and cookies. Sometimes it lets me save and sometimes it doesn’t. Currently, I just did both of the above steps with no luck. I’m attempting to change the title of the page and to adjust the logic. It won’t allow me to save either of those edits whether I do them together or separately. 

      erinehart answered

        Same thing happens to me. It’s maddening.


        Never happens in Qualtrics.

        Charles Mander answered

          I have the same issue. I solved it by copying the page and it allowed me to change the title on the duplicated page. It worked for a while and now I cannot change any titles. I log off, log on, duplicate pages …. nothing.

          jtagle answered

            Try logging out and re-logging in.  I just tested it on one of my sandbox surveys and everything is working just fine.  Some times the system logs you out if you were inactive but there is not a good indication that this has happened.

            Jon E (Moderator) answered


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