Why can’t I access my project via the response email?


I get an email stating there is a new response. When I click on the link I get the following:




BTW – I can access the results if i log into Surveygizmo and go to Reports, etc….

SurveyGizmoAdmin18507 asked

    Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out to via our Community. :) One thing I would look at is the email action that is sending out your notification. If this is a copy of a previous the survey it may be referencing that, and depending on the team assigned it to you might not have access to that project. It is always good to look at the Survey ID in the URL. That will tell you where you are being directed too. It is the seven digit number on the end of your URL. If they are different you would want to update that information when you edit the email action.

    Take a look at that and let us know if we can help! Please be sure to chat us or shoot us a note at support@sgizmo.com. We are more than happy to assist. :)

    As always, we are happy to be of service.  Have a rocking’ day!


    Tawnee - SurveyGizmo answered


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