[Solved] Why are the questions not being displayed in the survey?


Dear Survey Gizmo,

I have sent a campaign out to approx. 40 people, and I have had 1 response that the questions are not being displayed.

I have looked at the survey on my computer and they look fine. A colleague has also had the survey and confirmed it looked fine.

Can you help me determine the cause of the missing data for this one recipient so that I am aware for any future issues, and also I direct the recipient in fixing the problem?

I have attached a good questionnaire and the bad questionnaire.



Many Thanks


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    Emma 973 Rep.

    Hey Rob! I had this issue for a respondent one time. They said that they see it very rarely with older versions of IE combined with a secure network. SurveyGizmo recommended turning on Default buttons and it resolved the issue for the respondent. To turn this on Go to Style>Layout>Layout Options and there will be an option to turn on default buttons. Hope that helps!

    Emma answered


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