Why are some responses labelled as “test” from an email campaign?


I have an email campaign in which a half dozen responses as labelled as “test.”

When I export those responses, they don’t have email address and contact info that I uploaded as part of their record (yes, I told it to return email campaign data on on the first screen).

What are these responses and where did they come from?

Marilee Kurdas230175 answered

    I just had the same experience. ¬†Full answers, clearly NOT test data, but no email address and all marked as “Test”

    Marilee Kurdas230175 answered
      Emma 973 Rep.

      Hey Sean – If you ever use any features from the test tab like generating test data, testing the survey link or sending it to other people to test, SurveyGizmo marks the response as test so that you can recognize the test data. Here’s a couple links that go into more detail:



      Emma answered
        • Totally understand that – however, these are responses labelled as “test” when I select an export and filter by email campaign and select to include only completes and partials “test” is unchecked.



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