[Solved] Why are my responses marked as Partial?



Currently, my thank you page is set with “Responses are marked as complete when they reach this page”.

I tested it several times and they are all marked as Partial responses. Can someone help explain why?


So far, I have read these two help articles:



I have also tried to change the “override response status” option on the thank you page.

If the problem is related to which questions are required or not required, is there a best practice tip for this? In other words, should all questions be required or not required?

Lastly, I have a pro-subscription in case this affects the options I have.

Thank you!

rosemariefang asked

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    Hi there!

    Responses are marked as Partial when that respondent does not reach the Thank You page, the end of the survey. If all your responses are being marked as Partial a few things to look at would be any logic you have setup that would prevent your survey takers from reaching the end. Also redirects are another thing can take a respondent away from the Thank you page.

    I have a great document here that defines these for you. Take a look at the Response Status tutorial. This may help clarify things a bit. And if not, please let us know! You can chat us, reach here on this post or email us at support@sgizmo.co. We are happy help! 🙂

    As always, we are happy to be of service.  Have a rocking’ day!


    Clair Johnson commented
      • Hi Tawnee,

        Is this issue marked as solved because it was resolved elsewhere? I am encountering the same issue. The Response Status Override is set up, but it just doesn’t seem to be marking responses as complete, even if people hit the appropriate page.




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