[Solved] Why are my respondents being dumped out?


Hello, is anyone else experiencing a high number of respondents being dumped out? I’ve had quite a few (10% – 20%) respondents emailing me asking why their answers haven’t been saved. I’ve had some being dumped out five or six times.

The response from SurveyGizmo has been to blame people’s browsers and internet connection, and to ask me to chase-down the individual’s browser, connection, mother’s maiden name…. which I’m loathe to do.

Is anyone else getting angry respondents?

I’ve done a Fallout Report and there are no patterns, and it has happened in each of my four surveys. Similarly there doesn’t seem to be any patters in the “User Agent” – there is a mix of iPhones, Macs, Android and Windows.

The only thing I can think of is that I’m doing them via Private Domains, from here in the UK using the surveygizmo.com site, not their European site.

Any thoughts, sympathy or commiserations gratefully received.

Justin Worsley asked

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    Hi Noel!

    Just came across this post, are you still experiencing this issue with your survey? Were we able to find out if the Private Domain is the cause of this issue?


    Survey Princess

    seanalee flaherty answered


      Thanks for joining in – as far as I know they click onto the next page and it just fails to load – which is why I think there may be something going on with the Private domain re-routing. 

      In most cases their responses are more or less empty of any recorded answers.

      Certainly, when I test it, either manually or with automatically generated responses there are no issues.



      Justin Worsley answered

        Hey Justin- Just out of curiosity, are your respondents getting an error? What do they mean by not saving?

        Noel Black answered


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