[Solved] Why am I receiving survey completion confirmations instead of surveyors?


I have auto generated confirmations set for my survey Thorntons Angel Tree 2015, but many are coming to my email verses the person who completed the survey? 

Angela Stobaugh asked

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    Hi Angela,

    Just checking in! If you have not found the answer to this issue, please let us know via live chat or via email to support@sgizmo.com


    SurveyGizmo Support

    SG Admin answered

      The auto reply is built into my survey and is suppose to sent the email conformation to the surveyors email address, and many of them are coming to our email.  I’m not talking a few like 50 plus

      Angela Stobaugh answered

        I think Jacob’s suggestion is definitely the best first troubleshooting step.

        If you go to the Build tab of your survey and track down the Auto Respondent (Send Email Action) – edit this action and confirm that the ‘recipient email’ field has the appropriate information (if you are using the survey taker’s email address via a merge code, you will want to double check that you have the correct merge code).

        You may also check the BCC filed in case this has your email included.

        Hope this helps!

        Dominic Sharpe answered

          Sounds like you need to check your Recipient Email is set as.

          The only thing I can suggest other than that is to go to the Tools Tab and select Clear Link Cache(s).

          Jacob Hayslett answered


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