[Solved] Why am i not seeing a Facebook link to select when trying to create a social media action?


I am attempting to create a social media action to enable survey takers to share the survey on Facebook.   I have followed the instructions provided in the help section.  However, when I go to select a link there is no link available for me to select.




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    Hey there,

    Zoinks, that’s a bit of a quirk of the system we need to take a look at!

    No worries, I have a solution for you: If you go over to the Share tab, literally just click on the Share tab then head back to edit the action, the link will populate in that Share Link dropdown menu now.

    The link is generated when you go to the Share tab (which isn’t helpful in this case because you were still building)!

    So, I’ll get that reported to the engineers but in my own testing just now, it worked once I went to Share and then back to edit the Social Media action.

    I hope that helps out, thanks for reaching out with that question!

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