Why a “<" in the text of a long answer box disables the upload of the text in the pdf review?


When using a “<” in the text of a “Essay/long answer” box, it disables the upload of the full text into the pdf for review. It cuts the text and erases everything after the “<“.

Can this be solved by changing some settings?

Many thanks for your help,


salignatc asked

    Hi Claire!

    Thank you for this question, and I apologize for the trouble. This seems to be some bad behavior in our software, not specific to the PDF Review: in the answer given to a Textbox or Essay question, if a less than sign “<” is followed immediately by any character other than a space, everything after the less than sign is cut off and erased.

    I believe this is done to prevent a certain type of security vulnerability (“Cross-site scripting”, or XSS). I am not certain if permanently erasing everything after a less than sign is the optimal way to protect against this attack, however, and so I will be reaching out to our Engineering team to see if there is a better way to keep your data, while still keeping you and your data safe :)

    You can look forward to another update here once I have explored these options with our team, and thank you again for reaching out.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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