“Whoops, no surveys match your criteria”


When I hover over “All Surveys” on my dashboard I see “26”. However, none show up, just “Whoops, no surveys match your criteria”. When I click on “Download survey list,” I see all 26 in the resulting spreadsheet.

I have tried every filter combination with no luck. I have sent a help request with no response.

Is this something simple I am missing?

Sofia Sakali answered

    I have the same problem and couldn’t find any survey.

    Jim W (Moderator) commented
      • The most likely explanation is that the your rights to those surveys has been changed (see the thread below). Contact your account admin to see if any recent changes have taken place. If this is not the case then you should contact SurveyGizmo Support for assistance. Your fellow users cannot view your account settings, so there is not much more assistance we can offer.
        Good luck.

      Jay 33 Rep.

      This can be closed. Here’s what happened: When surveys were transferred from one account to another, a “team number” was mis-assigned, making the surveys invisible to me. When support staff corrected the number, the surveys became visible.

      I’m posting this response so anyone who comes across in the future has some hints of what to ask for.

      Resolved! Thanks, SG support.

      Jay answered
        Jay 33 Rep.

        That’s a good question. However, this is a Basic Plan with, only one user, me, and assigned and active. I am the admin.

        Paid up until 1/12/2019.

        Dominic Sharpe commented
          • When you download the survey list, do the surveys have a Team associated with them? I have seen that cause this type of trouble in the past (if there is no team associated with a survey)


          It’s difficulat to check without having access to your account.  If you are part of a multi-user account, you should check with your SurveyGizmo admin to see if they have changed your rights to the surveys.

          Jim W (Moderator) answered


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