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How can I pull a report of emails of people filling out a survey? We have a prize for submitting and need names to draw the winner. 

Bjorn Olss asked

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    This will really depend on how your survey was distributed and or designed…

    By default when using the general default link for your survey, SurveyGizmo does not collect email addresses for your respondents.

    If you created an email campaign within SurveyGizmo  to distribute your survey, then email addresses will be part of each survey response.

    The best way to pull a list of these emails is to create an Export of your survey data making sure to ‘include email invitation and contact fields’ when creating the export. This will give you a column in your spreadsheet titled ’email’.

    You may have asked for your survey participants to provide their email via a question on your survey, in this case an export is still the best way to pull a list (the emails would be shown in a column corresponding to that survey question).

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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