[Solved] Which plan is required in order to pass server variables?


I am embedding one of my surveys into an app to pass URL variables to Survey Gizmo. As a logged in user of this app, the survey should pass info to Survey Gizmo (my Name, Company, ID, etc.) for reporting purposes.  

This works great for me, but I noticed that others who use the free version of Survey Gizmo are not able to pass the same variables. Which plan do they need to be on in order to have this feature? Thanks! 

Annmarie Hoskins asked

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    Hi Ann Marie!


    Thank you for reaching out to us via our community. :)  The Basic plan is what is needed to pass URL variables with an embed. I have included a link to our feature list which breaks down what options go with each plan. Check it out here: Feature list


    We appreciate your time. Have a great day!


    Tawnee - SurveyGizmo answered


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