[Solved] Where to find broken merge code?



We are getting this error – 

[Invalid question ID: “222”. Check your merge code.]”

Where does one go to locate the offending merge code – the question is no longer there. In the results, this appears at the top before any of the tallies. 


Thank you!

Lindsay Cohen asked

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    Hey Lindsay –

    A merge code references a prior element within your survey. You can learn more about them here…


    The ‘222’ in your merge code references the Question ID#. It would appear this merge code is referencing an element that was removed or changed. The merge code no longer is pulling the information from this element correctly and is therefore throwing this particular error message.

    This can be remedied simply by recreating the merge code and have it reference the intended element. It may be a good idea to brush up on how merge codes work (through the link I’ve referenced above).


    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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