[Solved] where is the tweets theme i used last year?


all of my surveys have used the tweets theme. However its no longer listed under default themes. Can I get this theme back?

Douglas Pendergras asked
    • currently my work around is to make a copy of last years survey. Then erase questions. leaving the theme intact.
      but one of my users already created her own survey and wants it to have the same look as prior surveys.

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    Hey Douglas,

    I know SG has updated their theme builder. When they started this process, last year I believe, I went ahead and started creating custom themes and saving them in my theme library using the new theme builder. Tweets is one of the old themes. I chatted with support who let me know this old version is going to be going away soon. So now would be the time to get that processed started. This doc: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/custom-theme totally helped me when I was building my new themes. I hope this info helps you!


    Good luck!


    Anita Kaufen answered


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