[Solved] Where is the link to “Check Existing Requests?”


When I submit a bug report, the acknowledgement email has a link to the ticket status. But when I just go into the SG website, and click on “help” there is no link to check existing tickets.  Seems to me you should have an easy way to check existing tickets without having to make users go back to their emails each time.

Frank Scavo asked

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    Holly 2.17K Rep.

    Hey Frank!

    Thanks for using Community! :)
    To be quite honest, I’m not sure why we took that away but I can absolutely put in some feedback that it would be helpful to have it back.

    In the meantime when you are logged into SurveyGizmo go to the following URL https://surveygizmo.zendesk.com/requests

    That will bring up a page where you can check your existing requests.

    Hope that is helpful. Have a good one!

    Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

    Holly answered

      I’ve noticed that as well.  The work-around I use is after I’m logged into Survey Gizmo, I just open a new browser tab and go to https://support.surveygizmo.com and go to Check your Existing Requests.  

      Sheila Bloom answered

        Thanks, Holly.  I agree that the correct solution is to put the link back. In fact, there is no link to Support from the Help/Community page. I hope SG will put those links back.  I probably killed 10 minutes today hunting for it, and I”m sure I’ll waste another 10 minutes next time, as I will have forgotten this correspondence.

        Frank Scavo answered


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