[Solved] Where do I find who answered the survey/


I did not set my survey to anonymous yet I still cannot tell who provided what answers. Where is that info hiding/

Sharon Schilling238376 asked

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    Hey Sharon! Lola is correct that identifying information is not provided automatically by SurveyGizmo, unless you have used the Email Campaign feature.

    With a “general” share link, we have no way of knowing who is accessing your survey to submit a response — there is no “caller ID” on the Internet. We do capture the IP address from which a response comes from, but matching this to a name or email address is not possible outside of hiring a private investigator

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      This will depend on several things – even with anonymous surveys, SurveyGizmo does not automatically collect contact data.

      If your survey was sent out with an Email Campaign, the contact info for your respondents would be available under the Details tab when you click on any response in under Results > Individual Responses.

      If your survey was distributed via the default link, you would have needed to ask for contact info in the form of a question on your survey.

      Hope that help a little!

      Lola Gill answered


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