Whenever I preview my survey, I get an automatic email as if the survey has been taken.


I have an email action to alert me every time my survey is completed.  I copied last year’s survey and now am testing and reviewing it for this year, but every time I click the preview button, I get an email as if the survey has been completed.  I don’t remember that happening before.  Does anyone know what setting controls that?

Thank you!

Sheila Bloom asked

    I didn’t have that turned on, but that is good to know.  I went through and I don’t see it on for any of the pages of the survey.  At least I won’t be previewing it forever, so it’s not a big deal.  Thanks so much for your response.

    Sheila Bloom answered

      If I have this setting turned on in my preview, that happens to me too


      Do you have that turned on?

      Elizabeth Rose answered


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