When testing my rating question, the tool allows me to select a rating for “other (please specify)” but does not require the user to enter a value in the other box. Is there an option to make the other field mandatory when a rating is selected?


Rating button is selected but user can submit survey without specifying “Other,” resulting in incomplete data.

JeffAnderson asked

    Hi there!


    I have tested this and when I running through my current project with a radio button grid and when the question is required, it brings you back to that answer option. So you can select that choice but when you go to submit the page it bring you back asking that you complete that field.

    If you question is required and you have go on to the next page, I would reach out to support and ask they take a look at your survey. Perhaps there is some validation happening that would cause this to just skip?

    Another thing to look for is if you testing this on mobile, it allows you to get to the end of page after answering all other questions and will at the very end bring you back to that answer that option.


    Just something to keep in mind!


    Anita :)

    Anita Kaufen answered


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