When response buttons go missing


Why is it that when some respondents click through to a survey they cannot see the response buttons while others can?  This is extremely frustrating given that there does not appear to be any reason for it affecting some people and not others.  I’m aware of the clear cache solution but this is not really good enough – there must be a way to mitigate against this occuring.

Nick Jostsons asked

    This sounds like a browser issue.  I had a similar problem and I found out, after working with sg’s support team, that the people running into this problem from my survey were using internet explorer and had security settings that were blocking some things (like the button graphics) from sg’s side.  The fix they gave me was to use the option that says “use default browser buttons” in the theme settings for the survey.  That fixed it for my respondents that had the problem.  Hoping that helps you!

    Chad Wilco answered

      Thanks guys.  I don’t know that the fix is that simple.  We only ever use default browser buttons and still this issue impacts some people and not others.  Does not seem to matter how often we run tests on the survey before launching, some people just don’t get the buttons appearing.  very frustrating especially when it impacts on senior and important stakeholders.


      Nick Jostsons answered

        Chad, great description. I ran into a very similar experience where checkbox’s were not displaying correctly in IE. Changing that setting fixed it no problem.


        If this doesn’t work I would then look into any custom CSS and review in different browsers. You may have something in your CSS that is not supported.

        Jacob Hayslett answered


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