[Solved] when I upload data, only text columns show up in reports


I downloaded data for two very similar surveys, manually combined the data into a single csv, created a fresh copy of the survey with no data, then mapped and uploaded the combined results. It looked like it worked, but only the data from the open end text columns are showing up in the report and in individual responses. None of the radio or checkbox questions have any data. What gives?

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    I had to upload data to edit 2 surveys last week.  In both cases I was editing a radio button type question.  Although I had no problem, and the import said success, when I ran my weekly exports, the answers had switched back as if I didn’t do the import.  So, I re-imported on Friday and now the data seems fine.  

    So, short answer, if you did this last week, it’s possible there was a glitch because I had a similar issue.

    Sheila Bloom answered
      Holly 2.17K Rep.

      Hey there!

      Are you still having some trouble with this? If so, let us know and we’re happy to start a support ticket for you!


      Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

      Holly answered
        Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

        Hmmm, this seems strange.

        Are the reporting values in your checkbox and radio button questions the same as the data in the CSV file that you uploaded?

        That’s the only thing I can think of is that the data in the export for the checkboxes and radio buttons does not match the reporting values that are set for those question on the actual survey..

        Lola Gill answered


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