[Solved] When I assigned numerical reporting values, the piping (using merge codes) no longer worked…



I have a key question early in my survey that populates/pipes into many questions throughout the rest of my survey.  For the sake of my data analysis, I assigned each option a numerical reporting value, but now my merge code no longer works – please advise.

While you may use 360-degree feedback in more than one program, please select one program to focus on for the remainder of the survey: 

  • Coaching Program
  • Formal Leadership Development Program
  • Talent Assessment/Review
  • Performance Management Process

I assigned these as 1 – 4 (reporting values), but want to use their response (text: Coaching Program, Talent Assessment/Review, etc.) in future questions.

Previously effective merge code based on their answer: [question(“value”), id=”9″]

Thank you!

jbiringer asked

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    When a merge code suddenly stops working, this is most often due to a question being removed and re-created. Merge codes refer to questions by a unique ID number assigned to them when they are created – this is separate from reporting values. When a question is copied or re-created, the new copy will have a different ID number.

    The solution is to correct the ID number your merge codes are referencing. The easiest way to do this is to delete your merge code, and then re-add it using the Merge Code helper, available in the question edit panel:


    I hope this helps to answer your question!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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