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If a user completes 50% of the survey and then exits, would we collect and see their responses from the first half? 

Is there a way to do a midpoint submit? I.E. have the users go through 20 questions, submit and then give them the option to answer 5 more?


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    A database record for each response is created when the respondent clicks on the survey link.  Their responses are recorded in the database each time the respondent presses the NEXT button.  The Response Status of these incomplete responses appears as PARTIAL in the Export files.  You can also filter on this field in the reports.

    You could set up a skip pattern to give respondents the option to answer five more questions, but their responses up to that point have already been recorded.

    When the respondent presses the SUBMIT button, the Response Status is changes to COMPLETE. At that point it is no longer possible to ask questions, but you could direct the respondent to a different survey.

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