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You modified the mobile date and fixed it so it is the same as a survey running on a PC.  Great but you MUST inform people that this occurred.  Specifically our company reported it and you would THINK that you would contact us to let us know it was changed.  YOU did significant damage to our data and we are now spending a lot of timing trying to FIX it.   PLEASE DONOT REVERT IT BACK, PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL you notify us.

Thank you!


sgoldberg asked

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    Hi sgoldberg! I’m very sorry to hear about the trouble this change caused, especially given the poor communication surrounding the issue. Please feel free to reach out to our Support team directly if we can do anything to help make up for this!

    To help prevent this type of frustration in the future, our team is currently working on improving our communication processes, transitioning to an automated notification system that won’t forget things like humans are prone to :)

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      As a follow up to Nathan’s notes, we have added a section to the community for the release notes of areas/features we update/change in SurveyGizmo so you can always have these notes when we make changes.  It can be found here:


      Topper Shull answered


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