[Solved] What is the Excelformula to mesure the % from the best scores (4 & 5 in a range 0 to 5) of each statement


I made a questionnaire with 100 statements. The participants can score in a range from 0 (I don’t agree at all) to 5 (I totally agree). Now I want to calculate the percentage from the scores 4 & 5 on each statement. (for example 17% of the participants agree to this statement)

Is there someone who can give me the excel formula to calculate it easily?


Statement 1S 2S 3S 4 …S 100214   324   135   243   44NO ANSWER   344   532   5NO ANSWER2   544   044   12NO ANSWER   315   205   203   444   NO ANSWER54   243   43NO ANSWER   425   225   324   352   442   123   34,80%43,50%61,90%   

SANTOUL Coralie86930 asked

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    Hi Santoul,

    While I don’t know of a formula for this off the top of my head, maybe this page will be helpful for you: http://www.excelfunctions.net/Excel-Formulas.html

    You could sort your columns so that it’s easier to see exactly how many 4s and 5s you received and put that over the total number of responses. Then a bit of division would give you the percentage. Of course, that’s a bit long-form compared to having Excel do this for you but it’s an option.

    I hope this helps,


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered


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