[Solved] What is the correct way to edit or remove one question on a completed survey?


A survey respondent answered a question that didn’t apply to them, and I’d like to delete their answer from the results.  We’ve fixed the logic so it won’t continue, but I cannot seem to get rid of this one answer.

I have followed these instructions:  http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/viewing-responses?_ga=1.182615718.1657309238.1441125638 and I see where I can get to my results and edit, but I cannot seem to delete just one question.  If this was a text box, I could delete the text, but it is a radio button and I cannot delete the answer selected. 

I tried to do an import to update that survey, with that question blank, but their original answer still displays on reports.

Thank you!

Sheila Bloom asked

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    Hi Sheila! I think that data import is the best tool for this job, and should be able to do what you ask. When you used this tool, did you use the “Match on Response ID” option? You should only need to map two fields: the response ID, and the question you would like to be blank, and it should only update that one field for that response.


    I hope this helps you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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