[Solved] What is the best way to give instant feedback to respondents?


Hi. I am drafting a community questionnaire, and I would like to do the following:

  1. enable respondents to see a summary of their input once they have completed the questionnaire
  2. enable respondents to receive a summary of their input by email
  3. enable respondents to see how their results compare with the average of all the people who have completed the questionnaire.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

michaelgallagher1066412325 asked

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    Hey there! So you can use actions in your survey to show the respondent that info. There is a Review action that allows the respondent to go over their survey. And there is also an email action, which send the respondent their info and you can include a PDF, schedule and other cool things. And then you can also add a result chat which gives you a Summary Report of info. No comparison, but you may want to try this out and see if it will fit what you are looking for. I found these three docs that go over how to set those guys up.

    Review Action and Email Action and Results Chart


    Hope this helps get ya to where you need to be survey wise.


    Anita Kaufen answered

      Thanks Anita – Very useful.


      michaelgallagher1066412325 answered


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