[Solved] What happened to the support/training videos?


Seems like there have been many changes since I last used SurveyGizmo some months ago.  I seem to recall there used to be a lot of help videos.  Now I can’t find them.  Am I missing something?

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    They are still available – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/how-to-videos.  The documentation section has been kind of hidden behind the Community Forum.

    Click on the arrow to the right next to HELP & COMMUNITY for the full HELP menu.

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      • Thank you, Jill! I’ll have to save that link. Searching on the word videos did not bring that up. I’m finding the Search menu to not be very powerful. And I think that those videos are too important to hide so deeply. I’ll be sure to save that link on my computer!



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