[Solved] What does this setting mean: Automatically sync reporting titles and option values?


I’m not sure whether or not to select (under Advanced) “Automatically sync reporting titles and option values”. I’m inclined to leave the default value selected, but not sure. Can someone please explain the difference?

Sid.grc@me.com asked

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    Thank you both for posting to the SurveyGizmo Community!

    Thank you, Jonathan, for your detailed answer!

    Sid, when using the ‘automatically sync’ option for reporting values – this means that whatever text you use for your answer option, our system will use the same text for the reporting value.

    For example, if your question has ‘apple’ and ‘banana’ as two answer options, ‘apple’ and ‘banana’ will be their respective reporting values.

    Here ‘automatically sync’ is the same as saying ‘automatically make the reporting values the same as the answer options’.

    The following article is also a good overview of Reporting Values in SurveyGizmo:



    David – Survey Explorer

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

      I am sure an SG staffer can provide more detail, but as a fellow user I can probably shed some light on it for you. Basically, the default is for SG to use your question answers as the same information when you export your data. The other options are to customize both the answer choice and how the data is stored. For example, I often customize reporting values in the following way:

      Question: How much do you agree with the following statement “Public transit is my favorite travel mode”?

      Answer choices: Strongly disagree, disagree, no opinion, agree, strongly agree

      SG’s default is to export data as the actual answer text. Meaning if a person chose “strongly agree” then “strongly agree” would be the text in the spredsheet cell when you export data.

      But what I do is customize reporting values, such as follows:

      Answer choices (reporting value): Strongly disagree (-2), disagree (-1), no opinion (0), agree (1), strongly agree (2)

      I still know what each respondent answered, but I can more quickly analyze as i have numerical data instead of textual data.

      There’s a whole heap more you can do with customized reporting values, really, a ton. It is a very powerful feature.

      Hope that helps!

      Jonathan Brooks answered
        • Thanks, Jonathan, for your response. I’m pretty sure I understand the difference between answer options and reporting values. What I don’t understand is what “automatically syncing them” means.



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