[Solved] What do I get an aggregate report by classes (question 3)


need to get a report on the average for how each class is doing. 

rreynolds2 asked

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    Hey There –

    So, while I can’t see your survey specifically, I can talk about filtering a report based upon a single question within your survey. There are many reasons why you may not want to include all of your data in a Report. You may only want to see people who answer a specific question, or data from a certain date range. We allow you to do all of this with Report filtering.

    If respondents were asked to select a class, than you could build a report for each class.

    Report 1 – Class 1
    Report 2 – Class 2
    Report 3 – Class 3

    A very simple filter could be used to achieve this. I’ve got a great video tutorial that will help you visualize this process. I hope it helps!


    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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