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We send out a survey to all new users – I am wondering if we can have automatic reports that show weekly results over time automatically? For example, we can then see if our satisfaction goes up or down on a weekly basis. Thanks!

Odd Utgrd asked

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    This is what we do.  First create the report and run it to make sure you’re getting the data that you want to see and the way you want to see it.

    In the Filter enter: Only show responses collected between:

    “-7” days and “today”

    Then, from the Share tab go to Scheduled Delivery.  Send To:  type in the email addresses it should be mailed to separated by a comma.  Enter the From email that should show and the subject & message.  And last under Schedule select Recurring delivery > Weekly on Monday (or whatever day of the week) and save.  

    (One thing I learned, these will send at approximately 7:30 AM EST, don’t try to change the time because it will stop the recurring delivery and make it a one time delivery)

    This shows just the last weeks data.  You can also include YTD numbers for comparison if you create a YTD report and add it as an element to this weekly report.  Here’s how I learned how to do that: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/existing-report  

    Hope this helps.

    Sheila Bloom answered

      That I have been doing just manually by saving the report each month (or week) in Excel, then formatting for what I want to show.  I haven’t really found anything in Survey Gizmo that displays a comparison over time the way we’d like to see it. . . .Yet, I keep finding new features every day!

      Sheila Bloom answered

        That would work, yes 🙂 Thanks!

        Odd Utgrd answered

          Thanks, that’s very helpful! But is there any way except manually to compare these weekly reports? (Or monthly) to see if customer satisfaction improves or not?

          Odd Utgrd answered


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