Webhooks: Custom HTTP Headers not sent when Asynchronous Connect is Yes


Has anyone else experienced this issue?  When my Webhook is triggered I need to include an API Key as a Custom HTTP Header (Static Value).  Merely adding custom HTTP Headers does not work.  Custom HTTP Headers will ONLY be included in the Webhook message when:

“Asynchronous Connect” is set to “No”


What do you want to do with the data/content returned from the URL?” is NOT set to “Nothing

I must include an “x-api-key” HTTP Header in Webhook message and I would prefer to make an asynch call … my Webhook listener is not sending anything back that’s needed.  Here’s the Webhook config I’d like to use:




But here’s what I see in Webhook.site when I test it … note my custom http header (x-api-key) is missing.







When I change Asynchronous Connect to  “No” and “What do you want to do…” to “Display it” then my Custom HTTP Header (x-api-key) is sent to my Webhook listener.






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