Web form where people put an email address and then get an email campaign invitation to complete the survey



I am just investigating survey software for a technical survey I want to perform later this year. I would probably do it mainly via an email campaign to people that have already agreed to participate so I know that people are who they say they are and I can track who has completed the survey, send out reminders, etc.

However, it would also be nice if I could also have a simple form on my website where people not on my initial list but who would like to also participate, could put their name and email address and then they would automatically get added to my email campaign and get sent the survey (and I would be able to track them like all the other participants on my email campaign. I would have more confidence in who they are because it is through their email account than if it was just a generic web survey. They would also then have an email with a unique ID in case they didn’t finish the survey in one sitting).

Is it possible to do this or something similar with SurveyGizmo?

Thanks for your help.



simonnordestgaard asked

    You could accomplish this in several ways, but to note that if someone uses the “default” link they will not be automatically updated into your email campaign.

    You would have to do a manual work around to add them.

    But you might consider using an internal company communication about the upcoming survey (what it is, why, how long it will take, etc) and have a SG link which will be contact information only.

    You can then use that information for the launch of the survey.

    You could still have a default link on your internal site for any last minute survey takers or continue to use the SG contact survey and then have the actual survey sent out.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered


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