[Solved] We changed a question in an ongoing survey and need to export the data that came from the old questions


For the new questions we are getting the responses in the export, but for the responses that came through before we updated the questions we are not getting them in our export. I think this is because the questions that pertain are no longer in existence. However, the individual responses are still there. I don’t suppose there is a way to export the responses from before the questions were changed?

Marketin asked

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    Did you delete, overwrite, or disable the old question(s)? If deleted or overwritten, I’m not sure of the solution, but if disabled you should be able to add them to your export.

    When editing the settings of your export, scroll to the bottom of the General tab and click “Add Element.” Keep Element Display Type as “Export Field” and find your disabled question in the drop-down menu for Source Questions/Data. Click “Save” (and “Refresh Report,” if needed).

    – Amanda

    Amanda Pelliccione answered


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