Way to double check responses in multiple questions



Is there a function in the survey that can allow for survey responders to get an error message if they reported a number to a specific question but then answered it differently in another area of the survey? 

Chicago Alliance239629 asked

    I have never seen a standard function in SurveyGizmo that will do this.  However, you could build one with custom scripting.  You would have to use the sgapiGetValue function to get the responses to both questions, compare the two values, and then trigger the appropriate action.

    However, it’s not very user friendly to force your respondents into an error message. Another, gentler approach might be to use the sgapiSetQuestionProperty function to define the min_number and max_number values and constrain the respondent into giving a proper answer in the first place.

    There are examples of custom scripting in the documentation – http://script.surveygizmo.com/help – and many of the function definitions have actual working examples of scripts that utilize that function in a survey.

    Sorry that I don’t have an actual example of a script that I could provide.  Maybe someone else in the community can be more helpful.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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