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Does anyone know of a way to include voice response in a survey?  I want to be able to ask participants a question which they can answer by voice rather than type a response.  This could be either open ended questions or pre-coded responses.  




Paritosh Mehta99759 answered

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    Survey Gizmo does not currently have any audio capture capabilities.

    It might be possible with a lot of JavaScript coding to use some tool external to SurveyGizmo to record the audio and submit it as a file upload question, but I have trouble imagining that working smoothly.

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      Hi Sean / Anna,

      I think I can help you with your Voice Input Questions.. if you are still interested in this, please drop me an email at paritosh@ae-research.com and we can take it ahead from there.




      Paritosh Mehta99759 answered

        Dear SurveyGizmo team!

        This question is in the air since 2015. Is there any news?

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          • Hi Anna,

            Thank you for posting to SurveyGizmo’s Community forum! I’m afraid that SurveyGizmo does not have a voice response feature at this time.

            While there are no immediate plans for such a feature, there may be some options worth exploring as a custom solution with SurveyGizmo’s Professional Services Team:


            I hope this helps clarify!

            David Domagalski
            Documentation Specialist | Customer Experience
            SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com



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